Environmental Protection Plasma Engineering
Prof. Masaaki Okubo, Prof. Tomoyuki Kuroki, and Prof. Haruhiko Yamasaki Group
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Collaboration research, Donation for Research, Consignment Research, Visiting Lecture, Coverage
Coverage for Electrostatic Engineering,Plasma Engineering,Surface treatment technologies,and Environmental Improvemnt Technologyes,Collaboration Research, Donation for Research,Consultant reserach,and Visiting Lecturte are accpptable, both in Japanese and English. Please feel free to email for Masaaki Okubo
*Example of Visiting Lecture 1 (Surface Treatment) (in Japanese)
Example of Visiting Lecture 1 (Exhaust Gas Treatment by Plasmas)(in Japanese)
 Coordinators at  Industry-accademia and government organization of university and Lifelong learning center can accept your requests for collaboration resechaes and lectures.
 Please read methods and rules for collaboration reseatch system (in Japanese)
 Other themes for visiting lecures are explained here.

 Supporting corporation and organization supporting our resecahes
 More than 33 Corporations and Organizaions, etc.,

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