Environmental Protection Plasma Engineering
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Developed products (Plasma Environmental Sytem)

Based on our patents on plasma applications, the following products are in market.

STAR(1)Atmospheric pressure Surafce treatment appratus for Glaft polymerization


  • Firmly adhesion of teflon to Steel and Plastics
  • World first! Metal plating on PTFE is possble.
  • Type : Plasmastream PSC-MECHA (Pearl Kogyo Co., Ltd.) :Selling with high popularity!

Photo:Plasmastream PSC-MECHA (Pearl Kogyo Co., Ltd.):Selling with high popularity!




STAR(2) Plasma Hybrid Clean Boiler / Bio fuel power generation system (Takao Iron Works, Co. Ltd.,)

Movie in Youtube(TM) : http://youtu.be/fGK4dJ3dDyU

  • Nearly zero emission of PM and NOx. 50% CO2 reduction using wasted bio fuels.

  • The investment to the boiler system can be recovered in five years by selling generated electric power (benefit is  induced)

  • Greatly saving fuel cost by using wasted oil as boiler fuel.




STAR (3) Semiconductor material manufucturing gas, PFC abatement apparatus using plasmas (Pearl Kogyo Co., Ltd.,) (Please contact with us the detail) 

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