Environmental Protection Plasma Engineering
Prof. Masaaki Okubo, Prof. Tomoyuki Kuroki, and Prof. Haruhiko Yamasaki Group
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● Low-emision Energy Conversion, Exhaust Gas, and Waste Water Treatments
Development of Super Clean Marine Diesel Engine System (JSPS Kakenhi Kiban A, 2012-2014)NEW

● Development of Environmental Materials and Surface Treatments
Adhesion of Tefron and Non-elecrolytic Plating Using Atmospheric Plasma TreatmentNEW

● Environmental Plasma Simulations
Electrohydrodynamics Simulations

● Photographs of main experimental appratus(2006-2011)
Recent Publications
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● Publication list
Publication list

● Slides and Posters
IEEE Industry Application Society Annual Meeting 2015 

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